Stereotypes about the Greek Community


When high school kids hear the words college, the first thing that usually pops into their heads is wild parties.  The second is the idea that fraternities and sororities host these crazy, out of control, mind boggling ragers. Then they start to think about all the stuff they’ve ever heard about what goes on behind the closed doors of Greek life.

As a member of a sorority I am often asked about the stereotypes people associate with Greek life.  I try my best to explain that movies are often over dramatized and based on a time when fraternities and sororities were not held to strong/intense standards.  I will list 5 of the top stereotypes people still ask me about.

  1. Greeks do nothing but PARTY!

This is probably the biggest and most incorrect out of all.  Sororities and fraternities engage in a number of events that have nothing to do with parties.  Community service and philanthropy are a large part of what organizations stand for and pride themselves on. Recruitment is another part of Greek life that entails hours of hard work and dedication. Don’t get me wrong, Greeks do throw some great parties, but that is not all they do and stand for. There are also rules and regulations set forth by the university that organizations must follow to host these parties.

2. I have to get hazed to join.

Not true. Not true.  Hazing is a part of Greek life history that everyone hears about but never wants to really talk about.  Yes it did happen, however hazing is illegal in most states.  I cannot lie and say hazing has been eradicated, there will always be those rebels who feel the need to push the limits and do what they shouldn’t.  I can tell you that hazing is no longer the prevalent force it used to be and is constantly being fought by national and local organizations and forces.

3. You have to be rich to be Greek.

Major misconception.  Yes, joining any organization has costs, but you don’t have to be rich to join.  Many students work throughout their time in school to pay for their expenses.  I personally do not have money I can just blow whenever I want.  I did my research and found out the cost of joining and then worked for the money needed to join. It’s that simple.  If your parents are willing to pay, that great.  However under no circumstance do you have to be rich.

4.  Being Greek in college is the equivalent as being”popular” in High school.

Common now guys, really? This is so far from true it’s not even funny. Most people join Greek organizations because they like the values the organization stands for, not the status it gives you.  Within Greek organizations people find others who have similar interests to them and make lifelong friends, they also build relationships with people that help them network for the future.  Being popular in college means nothing, college is not the same as high school.

5. Once you become Greek that’s all that matters.

This just isn’t true.  Yes Greek involvement does take up a significant portion of time, but it doesn’t run your life.  It is important to find a healthy balance between Greek involvement, club involvement, and just everyday life (friends, homework, going to the bars).  This stereotype like the others is spread by those who are not Greek and do not understand how Greek life works.

I hope this helps put things into perspective for you.

Until Next Time.





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