Should gender be a deciding factor in Greek life?

When we think Greek we think sororities and fraternities, men and women.  That’s how it has always been, but is that how it is now, or how it should be?  I recently read an article talking about a transgender man trying to enter a sorority.

Today, nothing is simple.  We are in  world where change is the only thing constant.  This means rules must change as well.  However many national Greek organizations have not taken this step.

This is a touchy subject for most.  Many would argue that these rules are in place for a reason.  Personally I think we as a Greek community need to put actions to words.  We cannot say we want to be all inclusive without being willing to change.

What do you think? Please read this article and comment on my post. Tell me what you think, how you feel.  I am eager to see how people feel about such a controversial topic.

Keep in mind questions like these:

  1. Why is gender such a deciding factor?
  2. Should the rules that are currently in place be changed/altered?
  3. Are sororities and fraternities as inclusive as they claim to be?
  4. If the rules regarding transgender students was changed/altered what should it be changed/altered to?
  5. Should nationals be able to overrule individual chapter decisions on acceptance/bids of students?
  6. Is there equal treatment and true balance for all those thinking about Greek life?uguguu





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