The Spot

No matter what type school you’re at there’s always a spot the “cool” kids chill at. This stands true for middle school, high school, and yes, even college.

College campuses have specific spots for different groups. Greeks love their spots. These spots allow for people to Greeks together and bond over their similarities and differences.

At Purdue there are different Greek spots depending on the council you are apart of.


tree.jpg For NPHC & MGC The Tree is the spot to hang out, stroll, and represent your org no matter the time of year. The tree has been a beacon of hope in the community for many years.acres 2.jpg For PHA & IFC their houses are the spot.  The Acres shows the sheer size and strength these councils possess.  Events are held here in the fall and spring, just like the The Tree.


Look around your own campus and try to find these spots for yourself.

Hint Hint: Look for groups of people who are wearing letters and colors hanging out, or hosting an event.



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