What Pride Looks Like

Have you been walking by the tree and noticed people wearing jackets that look like decked out wind breakers? You know they’re super colorful and have Greek letters and numbers on them.


These are line jackets.  They are a symbol of identity, pride, and most of all organization membership.

Historically black, and culturally based sororities and fraternities wear these jackets to represent their organization and let people know who they are as individuals.

Line jackets are worn all across the country, but there’s no where better than Indina because we all know how Indiana can go from 75 and sunny to 40 and freezing. So if your walking across campus from Lynn to Mackey you’ll want something to keep you nice an toasty.  This is wear line jackets come in.  They are a great way to stay warm and rep you org.

Line jackets differ from org to org, region to region, and men to women.  Each org/chapter has different information they chose to put on their jackets. This is an example of what a chapter may choose to put on their members jackets .


Organization letters and colors, chapter, line number, and line name are all on a jacket no matter what. Anything else is optional. These terms may differ according to the organization one is affiliated with but are usually similar.

Now lets be clear, these jackets aren’t for everyone.  They are for members only. The exclusivity makes them even sweeter. So next time you see one of these all exclusive jackets you’ll know how important they truly are. Know that anyone in a jacket like this has such a great amount of pride that no one could tear them down.



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