Find and Join an Org. Near You

Every campus has a long hallway, building or just a central place where organizations set up booths/cabinets to promote their organization and get the word out.

Here at Purdue one of those places is Stewart Center. This building has organization cabinets everywhere and they are conconstantly changing.

This long hallway is filled with information about different groups, events, and trips offered to students.  This is a great way to get the word out about your organization and show off your stuff. Greek organizations do this quite often. It is an easy, cost effective way to publicize your organization with minimal effort.

Now go find that place on your campus and join an Org near you.


Greek for Life, Not Just for College

College is the center of Greek life no doubt about it. But people who aren’t Greek don’t always know that Greek life doesn’t end when college does.

Greeks, no matter the council will agree that the journey of Greek life starts in college but never truly ends.  No matter if that means donating monet to your organization and chapter, participating in graduate chapter, or just attending Greek events.

Shalaby Livingston is a junior at Purdue university and a member if Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. and feels that becoming Greek is a lifetime commitment.

“Becoming Greek means you are part of something bigger and you have to put in work during and after to school to help your organization prosper and flourish.”

He spoke about Greeks being their own worst enemies when they choose not to continue to be involved and help better their organizations and chapters.

This quote shows the dedication to Greek life that many feel.

As a member of the Greek community  I completely agree. Being Greek means more than letters and parties. It means that you are a part of something bigger and must represent your organization and never cast a negative light.

Remember that even if your national organization does not off graduate chapter options it is still possible to stay on touch and help out. Nothing is worse than being an alumnae who talks about their past Greek life like it ended the minute they graduated.

Spring into Action


Well spring is upon us once again. This means many things: flowers are blooming, weather is changing, and college kids aren’t getting as many breaks they do in the fall semester.


I’m sure many of you have heard the day light savings sayings “You fall back” and “You spring forward”. Well Greeks follow these sayings to in their own way.

Spring semester means fraternities and sororities do their best to spring forward into action after winter break and again after spring break.

You’ll see a number of organizations on campus publicizing the philantropies they raise money for, and volunteer signups for their  upcoming volunteer opportunities.

In Spring 2016 Purdue’s Greeks raised over $300,000 in philanthropic donations, and participated in more than 33,000 community service hours.

The Greek community continues to prove stereotypes wrong.

Spring brings many new opportunities for individuals as well as organizations.


Wait it’s Spring Break Already

Well it’s a college kids favorite time of the spring semester….Spring Break. That’s right right it’s Srping Break here at Purdue.

So I won’t be blogging for a little while. However I encourage you to be on the lookout for Greek events to participate in.

If your school is on break try going to the closest school and see if there are Greek events your could help with or participate in. Chat with your friends from other schools who are Greek and hey some fundraising, recruitment, party, or event ideas.

So if your on break stay safe and have fun. If you just got back from break I hope you had a a great time. And if your break starts soon be on the lookout for some good events to be a part of.

Do Greeks Actually Graduate

Do Greeks Actually graduate? The answer is yes. At many institutions the graduation rate is higher for Greeks than it is for non Greeks.

I was doing home work for another class when I ran across some interesting information.

I do d that at Purdue the graduation rate of undergraduate Greeks is higher than than of undergraduates not affiliated with Greek life. This can be seen in the FSCL Spring 2016 grade report.



This report gives the rankings of every Greek organization on campus as well as cooperatives (co-ops). It also lists the term and cumulative GPA for each organization.

After organizing all the individual organization information it calculates the overall statistics for Greek life.

In this report you can see that 4th year and 5th year graduates had a higher graduation rate than non Greek students. I find this to be extremely important for people to know co soldering the negative connotations that follow the Greek community.

This is the exact I formation the oh pic needs to see so that Greeks are seen in positive light and not a negative one.

Comment and let me know how the Greeks at your school are looking.

Did You See That

The new members spitting info

It was a big weekend for the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Four new lines came out here in Indiana. Ball State’s show was Thursday, IUPUI’s was Friday, and both Purdue and ISU had shows on Saturday.


Of course I went to the Purdue Probate, and to say it wasn’t an experience would be a lie.

The CL50 lecture hall was packed from floor to ceiling with people ready to see the new Apes.  Like most probates the show started about an hour late, with more energy than I can describe in words.

Sitting in a hot lecture hall sounds miserable but this was the exact opposite.  The loud music mixed with the hyped up crowd made the event a blast.

The new members posing after being revealed to the campus.


From listening to the greetings, spitting info, and watching the boys dance and hype up the crowd I could not have had a better time. I wasn’t bothered by the show starting late because it was well worth the wait.


I encourage anyone who gets the chance to attend a probate to do so.  They are high in energy and are a great way to interact with and meet new people.

The crowd going down to the main floor of the CL50 lecture hall to met the new members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.



What to Wear

If you’ve ever gone to a college where the Greek community is prevalent I’m sure you’ve seen all the T-shirts, bags, tank tops, pins, hats. etc…

It should come as no surprise that Greeks love to show off their letters. They are proud of the organization they joined and want everyone to know.

Here are some  cites where you can order some of that awesome stuff, whether it’s for a gift, or you just want to treat yourself.

Now if your looking to add some flare to stuff you already own, that’s always an option.  Going to a local print shop is a great way to upcycle your own clothes, and support local businesses.

Here are a couple local places.

Now hit the web and order online, or grab your stuff and head to a shop, because no Greek is complete without some gear.