Do Greeks Actually Graduate

Do Greeks Actually graduate? The answer is yes. At many institutions the graduation rate is higher for Greeks than it is for non Greeks.

I was doing home work for another class when I ran across some interesting information.

I do d that at Purdue the graduation rate of undergraduate Greeks is higher than than of undergraduates not affiliated with Greek life. This can be seen in the FSCL Spring 2016 grade report.



This report gives the rankings of every Greek organization on campus as well as cooperatives (co-ops). It also lists the term and cumulative GPA for each organization.

After organizing all the individual organization information it calculates the overall statistics for Greek life.

In this report you can see that 4th year and 5th year graduates had a higher graduation rate than non Greek students. I find this to be extremely important for people to know co soldering the negative connotations that follow the Greek community.

This is the exact I formation the oh pic needs to see so that Greeks are seen in positive light and not a negative one.

Comment and let me know how the Greeks at your school are looking.


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