Greek for Life, Not Just for College

College is the center of Greek life no doubt about it. But people who aren’t Greek don’t always know that Greek life doesn’t end when college does.

Greeks, no matter the council will agree that the journey of Greek life starts in college but never truly ends.  No matter if that means donating monet to your organization and chapter, participating in graduate chapter, or just attending Greek events.

Shalaby Livingston is a junior at Purdue university and a member if Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc. and feels that becoming Greek is a lifetime commitment.

“Becoming Greek means you are part of something bigger and you have to put in work during and after to school to help your organization prosper and flourish.”

He spoke about Greeks being their own worst enemies when they choose not to continue to be involved and help better their organizations and chapters.

This quote shows the dedication to Greek life that many feel.

As a member of the Greek community  I completely agree. Being Greek means more than letters and parties. It means that you are a part of something bigger and must represent your organization and never cast a negative light.

Remember that even if your national organization does not off graduate chapter options it is still possible to stay on touch and help out. Nothing is worse than being an alumnae who talks about their past Greek life like it ended the minute they graduated.


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