Actions Speak Louder than Words


It comes as no surprise that hazing, and partying to hard is still alive and well on college campuses. However, to me it does come as a surprise that Greek organizations are continuously linked to deaths related to alcohol and hazing.

Earlier this year I read about a Greek related death that happened at a fraternity house on the Penn State campus.

It is incidents like this that continue to cast a negative light on the Greek Community.

These incidents may not happen everyday on every campus, but they happen far to often for the resources available and rules set in place.

On a local level Purdue has not had any Greek related deaths in recent years like many other schools. This could be due in part to the rules and regulations set forth by national organizations  as well as the university.

Penn State on the other hand has decided to change some of their regulations due to the recent unfortunate event. Penn State is doing this in hopes of decreasing the number of Greek related accidents.

Many universities across the country have done this in recent years or are following suit. This may seem “unfair” or “extreme” to some (greeks), but in many cases it is exactly the university needs.

Actions speak louder than words and those in the Greek community must remember this. We can talk about the pros out weigb the cons I  Greek life all day long, but if our actions do not reflect this, is it actually true?

We as Greeks must do all we can to shed positive light on our organizations and schools rather than negative light. This means taking responsibility, holding eachother acxountable and helping universities set rules and regulations that benefit both parties.




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