Burning with Anger

burning sands.jpg

The Netflix original Burning Sands has the black greek community burning mad.

Burning Sands is a movie that is supposed to shed a harsh light on the hazing that takes place in organizations and clubs. The movie was released in March, 2017 and was written and directed by Gerard McMurray.   McMurray is a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. (a D9 organization).

McMurray said he got the idea for this film from the devastating death of a FAMU band member.   However this is not relevant anywhere in the movie.  Therefore the movie seems to target black greek letter organizations (BGLO’s) rather than give an overall look at all clubs, organizations, sports team, etc that have hazing incidents associated with them.

This is only one issue the black Greek community has with the film.

Another is that the events portrayed in the film are now directly associated with BLGO’s.  Organization members fear that people who see this film will be less likely to join due to fear of the extreme hazing incidents seen in the film.  Due to the director being a known member of a BGLO, people believe these events to be a true and accurate representations.

As a member of a BGLO I can speak with certainty  when I say that this movie could potentially hinder membership for certain organizations.

The black Greek community is urging everyone to stay open minded and ask any questions you may have. Nothing is worse than an assumption taken as fact.


Comment with your opinion on the film or any questions you may have pertaining to it, or Greek life in general.


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